Devyn Woodard | Grace Church

Devyn Woodard

Director of Student and Chaska Campus Worship

Ministry Description:
I work as the Director of Student Worship with our AMAZING Jr. and Sr. High ministries JAM and CRAVE. I work closely with an epic student-led band to plan and execute the musical worship portions of our Wednesday night programming as well as any student-related events, outreaches, camps, and/or retreats. I also oversee Worship Arts for our multisite campus team, supporting teams in both music and tech ministries. We work together to plan and execute the dynamic worship experience of our Sunday services with everything from music to lights, videos, sound, and so much more! Our purpose is to create environments that enable people to engage with God.

I have two wonderful parents (Meeschell and Tim), the two most beautiful sisters in the world (Tiffany and Brittany), a brother (Tim), two nieces (Madison and Mikayla), and a nephew (Trent). Every one of them is crazy as could be. BUT…they’re my kind of crazy and I love them to death!

I love to be outside. You’re probably thinking, “Being outside ain’t a hobby, Devyn.” But I could be doing just about anything outside and I’ll just be the happiest little camper. Working, playing, camping, fishing, or just sitting around, I’m down just to be outside enjoying life. One of my favorite things in life is having bonfires and spending quality time with friends. I’m all about motorcycle trips and if I could ride mine every day I would.

Birthday: January 19

Faith Story: 
The Lord delivered me from a life of violence, anger, and chaos. I was headed for destruction. Through the influence of a student ministry, God called me out of that lifestyle. A radical transformation took place in my life after accepting Christ and I began to learn and serve in the ministry right away. I learned from and was loved on by some of the greatest men and women of God who refused to give up on me. On November 28, 2008 I was called into full-time, vocational ministry and by the grace of God and through His faithfulness that’s what I find myself doing today. I’ve seen miracles. I’ve been delivered. I’ve been set free. Glory be to God!