Trophies of Grace | Grace Church
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Do you and your friends think the four seasons are deer, elk, turkey, and duck?

Don’t miss out on this evening filled with wild game, a collection of mounted wildlife, and stories of hunting, fishing, and faith.

Brand new to Grace, this event with an emphasis on hunting and fishing draws in outdoor enthusiasts who may have never been in a church before so that they might hear the Gospel for the first time. The evening will include a wild game feed, guest speakers, breakout sessions with a focus on hunting and fishing, and fantastic prizes.

The main presentation will conclude with handing out prizes and one of the guest speakers giving a Gospel presentation. The nature of this event provides an easy opportunity for Christian sportsmen (and women) to extend an invitation to others with a similar bent on the outdoors.

When and Where

Sat, Mar 3 | 3:30p-9p
Eden Prairie Campus


$25 / person


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