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Cover to Cover Bible Survey

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Semester 2: New Testament; Tuesdays, January 2 – April 17 at 6:30-8:30 pm
(** You do NOT need to take Session 1 before doing Session 2)

Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey is the story of God from Genesis to Revelation. Cover-to-Cover is an intense, 2- semester discipleship journey (16 weeks Old Testament and 16 weeks New Testament) where students learn God's story of redemption through His Son Jesus Christ. This life transforming discipleship class is taught by foremost teacher and scholar, Dr. Harvey Martin from Univ. of Northwestern – St. Paul.

For most people the Bible is like a 500-piece jig-saw puzzle still in the box and no picture on the lid. How does Job fit with Romans is unclear? Discover how the gospel is the eternal gospel with the scarlet thread of Redemption—Jesus Christ is the central person in God's plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation.

Each week there is a two-hour lecture/discussion around the Bible readings, and a paper is written by each person that helps explore Biblical truths and application over the reading specific to that week if you are taking the class for credit. Most people need about four to six hours to do the reading and paper each week. Village Schools of the Bible's Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey is accredited at University of Northwestern in St. Paul. All course work must be completed to earn college credit. You can take an audit. No papers are required but reading through God's Word is expected.

We have enjoyed taking thousands through Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey. Their response is always the same: "It changed my life!" We encourage you to sign up and plan on an intense but exciting journey through God's Word.

When and Where

Tuesdays, January 2 – April 17, 2018
Eden Prairie Campus Room 211


Contact Trish at 952-540-9460 or