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Teen Moms

Find out about volunteer opportunities within our
Embrace Grace groups and teen mom mentoring program at the
Explore OneLess event on Jan 31.

Coming alongside single, young women facing an unintended pregnancy and helping teen moms is a priority for us.
Here is an overview of what we're doing and ways you can engage!

Embrace Grace: A group for single, young pregnant women

Embrace Grace provides emotional, practical, and spiritual support for single, young pregnant women who find themselves in an unintended pregnancy. It is a 12-week program (Feb – May) that teaches young women about God’s love and grace, and at the end, we throw a huge baby shower to honor them for choosing life and to help provide for their babies’ needs. Click here for more information.

If you’re interested in serving or if you’d like to join the group or refer another a teen who is expecting, contact Kirsten at kirsten.bengtson@grace.church

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Embrace Life: A group for single, young moms

Embrace Life equips single, new moms so they can learn to flourish in their relationship with God and not only survive in life but THRIVE! These brave moms will learn spiritual and practical ways to help navigate their way through life so they can rediscover their capabilities, passions and dreams. Embrace Life meets weekly and includes a Fall semester (Sept – Dec) and a Spring semester (Feb – May). Each semesters ends with a Life Adventure Day, focused on blessing each mom in a fun way. Interested in serving? Or if you are interested in joining the group or referring another teen mom, contact Kirsten at kirsten.bengtson@grace.church.

We use the program and curriculum provided through Embrace Grace ministries. For more information about this program, visit www.embracegrace.com.

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New Beginnings High School:
Mentoring Program, Birthday Club

New Beginnings is a full day, high school for parenting and pregnant teen girls located in Chaska. In addition to helping students obtain a high school diploma, New Beginnings provides pregnancy counseling, childbirth preparation, parenting education and much more.

  • Mentoring

    We have the opportunity to mentor students. The goal is to come alongside, provide encouragement, assist with developing life skills and share your faith as a trusting relationship is established. Mentoring involves:

    • Meeting 2x/month for at least one year.
    • Demonstrating patience as building a trusting
      relationship may take a while.
    • Helping your student explore options after high school; assist with applying for jobs, college, etc.
    • Coaching on life skills.
    • Attending quarterly mentor meetings.

    If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please complete this form. This opportunity is limited to females only, age 24+.

  • Birthday Club

    Each month, September through May, we provide a birthday cake to celebrate teen moms, along with personalized cards. If you're interested in help one or more months, please email Kirsten at kirsten.bengtson@grace.church.

Teen Moms' Retreat

In the summer, we invite teen moms and their little ones to join us for a long, refreshing weekend at The Refuge Retreat Center in Stockholm, Wisconsin. This is an opportunity to bless young moms with fun activities – swimming, hiking, crafts, etc. while also building relationships and encouraging them in their faith journey through personal testimonies, teaching and small group discussions.