Mother/Daughter Discipleship | Grace Church

Mother/Daughter Discipleship

This group is focused on mom’s discipling their daughters in biblical womanhood.

You will: 

  1. Explore God’s timeless design for womanhood straight from His word; 
  2. Discover and embrace God’s design and mission for our lives as women; and 
  3. Get equipped to have discussions with your daughter(s) on modesty, purity, inner beauty, dating, healthy relationships, and more.

Goals of this group:

  1. To train our daughters to know their number one priority is to love and honor the Lord. 
  2. To spend purposeful and meaningful time having necessary conversations with our daughters. 
  3. To encourage open communication with our daughters as they navigate the tween and teen years.
  4. To experience Titus 2 and live out the value of mentoring and discipleship. 
  5. To encourage and support each other as we navigate these important years. 

More info, contact Lisa Casper at 612-237-0339 or or Mary Holdahl at 612-963-1232 or