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Hosting Kids

Providing support to vulnerable families, before their child(ren) end up in the foster care system, is a huge need and an incredible opportunity to share the love of Jesus and hope of the Gospel. One of the ways to provide help is by temporarily hosting children. This gives the parent(s) needed respite so they can regain stability.

How do I become a host family?
We are partnering with Together for Good (, a faith-based non profit that uses a holistic, gospel-centered approach to coming alongside isolates families. To begin the process of becoming a host family, visit and click on the link to “JOIN” and then Together For Good staff will follow-up with next steps.

How long does hosting typically last?
The average length of stay is about six weeks, but placements can last from three days to three months. Some factors affecting the length of stay include the severity of the family’s crisis and the willingness of the biological parent to address the issues involved in the crisis. You can also sign-up to provide respite hosting, which means you will support a family who is providing longer-term care by hosting for short stays.

What type of child can I expect?
These are normal children coming from sometimes very difficult circumstances. Each child will respond to the situation differently, depending on their personality and coping skills. Some may show little response to the circumstances in their lives, while others may be deeply affected. Please note that the children are not believed to be victims of abuse or neglect. If they were, they would have been placed in foster care and not eligible for hosting.

Who can host kids?
Singles, married couples with children of any age, or couples without children are welcome to host kids.

I cannot host kids at this time. Is there anything else I can do? YES, there are many ways to engage! You can support a host family with practical needs. Help drive, provide a meal, run errands. Or you can invest relationally in a biological mother. In most cases, kids that are hosted are being raised by a single mother and in order to move forward and work through their crisis, they need to a healthy support system. You could invite her to church, Bible Study, help her learn new life skills, apply for a job, etc. There are so many ways you can serve!

What happened with Safe Families For Children?
Safe Families MN still exists under new leadership and they continue to host children. The former executive director along with the former staff of Safe Families are now leading Together For Good. There are a few, key reasons for this change. While Safe Families, as a national organization, shares similar values, Together For Good is focused on being privately-funded while using a holistic, gospel-centered approach to caring for isolated values.

As a church, we are committed to supporting you, our host families whether families choose to host through Together For Good, Safe Families or both organizations. We provide practical resources – including diapers & clothing. If you are hosting, we’d love to stay connected. Please reach out to Kirsten at