Biblical Counseling for Women | Grace Church

Biblical Counseling for Women

Are your circumstances, relationships, or behaviors robbing you of peace and the abundant life our Lord promised believers?  God has already provided the answer to our legitimate needs for love, hope, security and significance!  Perhaps you have begun to realize the bankruptcy of your own ability to cope with these personal challenges, and are ready to exchange them for the wondrous sufficiency of the indwelling Christ.

Join us for short term (12 weeks), strategic, one-on-one discipleship, and learn how to appropriate victory and freedom even when pressures seem to be insurmountable!  While not a "quick fix", realizing our union with Christ changes our relationship to the power of sin!  Our authority is the Word of God, and our materials illustrate Truth in a way that is personal and effective.

Call for an appointment: Marilyn Lovestrand  952-913-3434