Adopt, Foster, Host Kids | Grace Church

Did you know?

Children in foster care are often overlooked. Yet they need love and security, just like all of God’s children.

What can we do?

There are many ways that we can have a life-changing impact.


Offer temporary housing for vulnerable children and help prevent the need for foster care. Visit our ministry partner, Together For Good and explore how you can become a host family.


Provide housing for children in the foster care system. Licensing is recommended through private agencies. Visit Bethany Christian Services or St. David’s Center and explore that various types of foster care and next steps involved in becoming a foster parent.


Become a forever family for a child. Adopt from foster care through county or private agencies or pursue traditional adoption opportunities. MNAdopt provides an overview of how to adopt in Minnesota and includes a list of waiting children. Bethany Christian Services is also equipped to support families who want to adopt from foster care. Visit our Adoption resource page for further resources and information about our adoption scholarships.


Provide practical support to host, foster or adoptive families, such as meals, babysitting, transportation. If you’re interested in being notified of opportunities to serve, email Kirsten at